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First International Martial Arts Festival
Perm, Russia

From 16.12.2006 until 21.12.2006 Bulgarian Kempo delegation team will visit Perm, Russia, where it will take part in the First International Martial Arts Festival (IMAF), organized by European Association of Multisport, Perm Universal School “Tenturion” and Perm Regional Federation of Hand-to-hand Fighting.

The invitation for the Bulgarian team was send personally by Vladimir Hudenkih, the creator of the sport-martial system “Combat-russe”, vice-president and senior trainer of the federation of hand-to-hand fighting and special physical training.

Vladimir Vasilevich Hudenkih and Velin Hadjolov are keeping up friendly relationship since March 2005, when both of them were admitted to the 20th Martial Arts Festival “Paris-Bercy”. We hope that this next mutual event will bring the two martial styles to active partnership, future development and prosperity.

NF “Bulgarian Kempo” wishes much health and success in Bulgarian team preparation.

On 20.12.2006 in the Palace of Sport in Perm there are expected to participate international masters from various style directions from China, France, North Korea, Indonesia, Republic of Serbia, and Crna Gora. Honorable guests of the festival are going to be government representatives from the Russian Federation, and also Oleg Taktarov – absolute champion in discipline fights without rules and master of martial arts.

Traditional Summer Seminar
„Power, Will, Spirit” – 2006

During 08-12 June 2006 in Sozopol was held the traditional summer Bulgarian Kempo seminar "Power, Will, Spirit" - 2006

All participants had the environment where they can test their physical and psycho-physiological resistance, during the three times per day and increased load trainings.

At the same time, the founder of the Bulgarian style – Velin Hadjolov, taught the basic characteristics and requirements for demonstration of /VIADIA/ form "Zdrava" at the upcoming national and international contests.

All trainees of the Bulgarian style had the pleasure of the direct work with Velin Hadjolov and from close specific technical combat actions, that he presented personally to every single participant in the seminar.

For the first time in the training program was included first aid training, as well as transportation of injured man in ground fields with maximum surviving chances.

Management council of NF "Bulgarian Kempo" welcomes all participants in the seminar and wishes them much health and persistence to follow their dreams, courage – to defend them, patience – to achieve them and much love, to give meaning to all of this.


Black Belt Camp
Lund, Sweden - 2006

   In the period of 3ed to 5th of March 2006, The Black Belt Camp was held in Lund Sweden. The camp was organized by Kempo International and in it participated the representatives from Scotland Kempo ,Wells Kempo and Go Shin Ryu Kempo Sweden. Guest instructor of the seminar was Master Velin Hadjolov/5th Dan/ . He demonstrated the specific of the fighting /TRIZNA/ in Bulgarian Kempo, as well as the basic principles of the structure of /VIADIA / form in Bulgarian Style.

   The other instructors of the Black Belt Camp were Profesor Jurgen Jurgensen/8th Dan/, President of The Kempo International Organization and Renshi Karolina Olofson,/4th Dan/ . They demonstrated the conception of ‘eskrima’ concerning the using of baton. Sensei Julie Williams Chief instructor of the Wellsh Kempo Association teached also at the seminar.
   The traditional bulgarian weapon Goat’s horn “the business card of Bulgarian kempo” impressed all the participants and especially Renshi Karolina Olofson the world champion in the discipline “weapon self defence”. On the black belt camp Master Hadjolov gave his consentsion to Karolina Olofson to demonstrates viadia “Brania” –traditional bulgarian weapon kempo form during the next european and world kempo competitions and to use for this purpose the traditional bulgarian weapon Goat’s horn. She was gifted goat’s horn from Master Hadjolov. Its a great honour to all of us that Swedesh kempo team will include in its traning program Tha Traditional Bulgarian Weapon Kata.

"Power – Will – Spirit" - 2005

   The fourth Traditional Summer Seminar Power Will and Spirit organized by National Federation Bulgarian Kempo was held in the period 1-5 of June, 2005 in Sozopol, Bulgaria. In the seminar participated the representatives of the sports club “Momchil Yunak”- Sofia, “Han Krum” – Sofia and “Bagatur” – Velingrad.

   The training was under the leadership of Master expert Velin Hadjolov - the founder of Bulgarian style.
   During the seminar all of the participants demonstrated strong spirit, activity, tenacity and ambition of assimilate the new techniques and knowledge.
   The training camp passed in the atmosphere of strict discipline, respect and tolerance.

   During the seminar the following specifics of the training were discuss:
   - Respiratory / breathing practice and its part in the process of “Sanitie” in Bulgarian Kempo.
   - Dynamic stretching and its put into practice in the specializing complex of insurance
   - Dynamic “Stiaza” specific of movement and opening of the impulse of power in Bulgarian Kempo
   - Visual determination and perceive in the process of attack on the top “Gornitsa” in close distance

   - Trizna – movement the line of defense and dynamic circle defense at the time of competition. Specific of punching techniques and fighting technique by legs in Bulgarian Kempo. Using the “soft” and “hard” principle of fighting with the aim to achieve the dynamic “Sanitie”.
   - Self defense in the extreme situation. The general review of free fighting with bare hands on the top level “Gornitsa”. Key zones of “ internal defense” in Bulgarian Kempo.

   We congratulate all of the participants in the seminar for the demonstration of high fighting spirit and discipline. Lets them be health strong and firm in them self on the right way of Bulgarian Kempo.



   In the period of 19 to 22 of May,2005 the world Champoinship organized by Kempo International was held in Geneva,Switzerland.
   The representatives of different kempo styles / American kempo, Inyo Ryu Kempo, Okinawa Kobudo, Nationale Kempo France, Agni Kempo, Oranda Ryu, Shorinji Kempo, Shorin-ha Kempo / from 20 countries participated in the tournament.
   Bulgarian National Kempo Team participated on this event for first time. With unusual interest the guests and participants observed all of the techniques specific of the contemporary Bulgarian fighting style, created by Master – expert Velin Hadjolov. Grandmasters from different styles estimated the effectiveness and the real line of performance in the discipline “Kempo kata”.
   Karolina Borisova hold the world champion title in the category 14 – 16 years old after her perfect demonstration of one of the most beautiful form in Bulgarian Kempo – viadia ZORA.

   In the same category Viden Neshev hold the world champion title demonstrating high fiting spirit during his performance of viadia ZVEZDA.
   In the man category 18 – 35 years old, Rosen Rankov hold the world vice champion title demonstrated on the best way the viadia SLAVA.
   The third world champion title for Bulgarian kempo was for Viden Neshev and Simeon Dimitrov in the discipline Weapon Selfdefence, category 14-16 yo.

   But the biggest prize for the Bulgarian team was the world champion title in the category Weapon self defence, open division. This was the divison of masters and grand masters from the different kempo styles without limit of the age and ranks.

   Under the observation of international jury, the founder of Bulgarian Kempo demonstrated supreme form of control of the traditional Bulgarian weapon goats horn which become the visit card of Bulgarian style. Her assistants were Daniel Rankov, Viden Neshev and Rosen Rankov.

   The world title for Bulgarian team become four from this world championship. It is a great success for the development and popularisation of Bulgarian Kempo all over the world.

   Congratulations to all of the Bulgarian world champions, members and friends of National Federation Bulgarian Kempo. We wish them health, power and firm will and spirit on the way of the Path of martial arts.

20th Martial Arts Festival
Paris – Bercy 19 March, 2005

   For the first time Bulgarian fighter was nominated to participates on the Martial Arts festival Paris Bercy, holding on 19March , 2005 Sport Palace Bercy. Velin Hadjolov, the Founder of Bulgarian Kempo – Universal System of Acute Contact was nominated by the special technical commission of the European Magazine Karate – Bushido to demonstrates the unique techniques of Bulgarian style.
   More than 15000 participants and guest become witnesses of the unforgettable night of martial arts. The night of martial arts become an arena of friendship between the fighters of the different budo disciplines:
- The legend of French Ju Jitsu Erik Parice, the grandmasters of Okinava karate under the leadership of Master Seiko Toiama 76 years old 10 dan, The Aikido demonstration of Kristian Tisie, the monks of Sao lin, The French team of Viet vo dao, The Russian system of self defence of Vladimir Kudenkich ets.
   The demonstration of Bulgarian Kempo was of huge interest to all the French spectators and martial arts fans as well as to all the guest of Festival. The big surprise for Bulgarian tem was the meeting between the leader of Kiokushinkai – Shihan Isamu Fukuda and Master Velin Hadjolov.

   Their friendship dated since 5th World Martial arts festival South Korea - 2002.
   This new common expression breeds unusual worm emotions and created the opportunities for the demonstration of strong spirit as well as for the frankly respect and support.
   Immediate after the demonstration of Bulgarian Kempo, Francisco Filio - the world Champion of K1 estimated highly the universal system of acute contact created by Master v Hadjolov. In a personal conversation with master Hadjolov . Filio expressed his own admiration for the perfect techniques and fighting spirit demonstrated by the Bulgarian fighters.

   Warmness, respect and frankness in the relations were felt during the meetings of the Bulgarian team with the representatives of the other fighting styles.
   Meeting between Kioshi Shinzo Chinen and Master Velin Hadjolov in the hotel. Kioshi shinzo Chinen 8dan Okinava karate greeted Bulgarian team for the attractive demonstration.

   Unforgettable friendly atmosphere between Master Hadjolov and the French Kick box Legend Jerom Le Baner the K1 Star

   Paris was so warm and hospitable to the Bulgarian team. All the Bulgarian participants had the opportunity to visit the sights of Paris and to touch the greatness of the French capital.

   … The fiery power of heart, the lyric and tender atmosphere of love and boundless possibilities of human power will and spirit were felt everywhere in the time of our visit. They seems to be unlocked by the meeting between Bulgarian team and pop star maraia Keri , an accidental meeting at the foot of Aiphel tower . The pop star posed for bulgarian team.

Bulgarian Kempo is unusual combination between softness and hardness, between compassion and strength. The road to perfection in it is first of all, an internal path leading to spiritual peace and harmony. Bulgarian Kempo is a spiritual discipline with sharp physical demonstration which toughens the spirit, hardens the body and charges the heart with energy of everyone who is practicing it. This unusual process was activated and determined to a further development during the 20th festival of martial arts.

Until next meetings, Paris ...!
Until next meetings, friends ...!

“Bulgarian Kempo in large plan” - publication about the Bulgarian style in one of the most respected martial arts magazines “Karate - Bushido”, March 2005

<< translation in Bulgarian >>

   National Federation Bulgarian Kempo has received an official invitation to participate on the 7th World Martial Arts Festival that will held in the period September 30, October 8, 2004 in Chungju, Korea.
   35 countries will participate on the traditional forum. They will demonstrate 56 unique fighting styles.
   - Jaido, Hap ki Do, Kyokoshinkai, Savate, Sambo, Capoeira, Penchak Silat, U-shu, Bulgarian Kempo, Tai-Boks, Kalari, Kurash, Viet-wo-dao, Arnis, Kolo, Matarua ...
   The third General Meeting of World Martial Arts Union will held in the same period. The universal full contact fighting system Bulgarian Kempo created by Master Velin Hadjolov is a full member of this worldwide organization.

   To all of the Bulgarian fighters who will demonstrate the specifics of Bulgarian style we wish success!

VII World Martial Arts Festival
South Korea - 2004

“Bulgarian Kempo” – magic power that fascinated all participants and guests’ of the VII World Martial arts Festival hearts.

From 01.10.2004 – 07.10.2004, in Chungju /South Korea/ was held the VII World Martial Arts Festival that got together once again representatives of 56 martial art styles from 35 countries. “The origin of the martial arts”, presenting the traditional spirit of the Korean Taekgyeon was transformed into demonstration arena of the “Best of the best” of the martial arts, developing all around the world.
Bulgarian Kempo, Jaido, Penchak Silat, Capoeira, Shaolin, U-shu, Êèîêóøèíêàé, Tai-Boks, Savate, Sambo, Kurash, Sumo, Viet – wo - dao, Arnis, Korosu, Kolo and all other styles, members of the World Martial Arts Union (WoMAU) demonstrated an exceptional fighting spirit during the festival.
For the second time, the Bulgarian Kempo demonstration provoked a great interest and made the “magic” of the VII World Festival. It unified the hardness and flexibility, typical for the Bulgarian style, activated by the endless power and harmony of the Bulgarian folklore.

The Bulgarian team during the opening of the world

Power, sharpness, hardness and grace in active environment of real duel, remarkable for its perfect rhythm and perfect combination of strike and throwing techniques of the different types of grips – this is the Bulgarian Kempo visit card that was conceived by all guests and participants with a great enthusiasm and sincere recognition.

"Bulgarian Kempo" during demonstration

The evaluation of the Bulgarian team came suddenly during the Third Congress of the World Martial Arts Union (WoMAU), when the Korean Taekgyeon President, Mr. Chang Kim handed personally a golden medal to Master-expert Velin Hadjolov, for his unforgettable demonstration during the VII World Festival. It was another recognition on behalf of the hosts of the fighting spirit and attractive demonstration of the Bulgarian team.

Mr. Chang Kim and Velin Hadjolov during
the VII WoMAU Congress.

Velin Hadjolov with sensei Sekiguchi Takaaki –
Master of Jaido and
friend of Bulgarian Kempo.

During the festival, the Bulgarian team visited “Kuinsa” monastery / Head Temple of Korean buddhist Ch'ont'ae Order/, located 150 km. on the north of Chungju.

Picturesque mountain, where is situated the main monastery
engenders indescribable power and majesty that
the “Bulgarian Kempo” representatives had the opportunity to feel.
The temple is built in honor of “Kuinsa” monastery founder.

The main goal of the World Martial Arts Union (WoMAU) and all its members is to work together in order to preserve the peace and to approve the understanding among people. Bulgarian Kempo has already its slab stone at the alley of the martial arts - members of the World Martial Arts Union (WoMAU).

This is an exceptional recognition of the Bulgarian style, offering us the possibility to follow the route to perfection, in close collaboration with the martial arts all over the world.


The way that follows the fighter’s destiny could not change. How far can he go and how impeachable can he be is a challenge, in respect to the principles of the Bulgarian Kempo. The perfection in the Bulgarian style can be reached only when the one who practices invests his Love, living in peace, without violence. The Law on the perfection is the law on love. The love is a divine spark that gives birth and restores. It brings to all of us the force to go ahead and to create miracles, if we sincerely long for it.

“Power, will and spirit” 2004

   The third Traditional Summer Seminar “Power, will and spirit” organized by National Federation “Bulgarian Kempo” was held in the period 28 of May - 01 of June,2004 in Velingrad, BULGARIA.
   The basic aspects of the strategy and tactics consern
   - The fisticuffs which are leading to the realization of suffocating technics in the situation of fighting - "TRIZNA";

   "STIAZA" - improving of the basic technics specific for the examination program of 7chin in Bulgarian Kempo;

    Psychological key concern the fighting in water ;
   The principles of harden of the percussive surfaces and methods for preparation for power test “BITIE TRONT” in Bulgarian Kempo;

   Philosophy and internal activity for strengthening and activation of the fighting psychophysiological condition;

   Relax and convalescence practice for effective neutralization of the trauns during the traning process were treated during the forum.

   National Federation “Bulgarian Kempo” congratulates all the participants in the examenation test for 9 chin and also the partisipants in the examenation test for 7chin - Janko Popstoilov and Gergana Slavova for their success!!!

Technical Seminar

“ Bases of the Bulgarian Kempo ”
March, 2004
Sofia, Bulgaria

   On 26th, 27th and 28th of March, 2004 the technical seminar will held under the leadership of Master – expert Velin Hadjolov the founder of the Bulgarian Kempo , a full member of the World Martial Arts Union /WoMAU/.
   During the seminar the main efforts will be orientate to the basic principles of the preparation and improving in the following directions:

   "STIAZA" /passive and dynamic form of basis technique, self assure- techniques for 9th and 8th “chin” of Bulkempo, classic circular techniques of moving in the situation of attack and counter – attack/;

   "VIADIA" /a form/- principles, technical characteristics and fighting interpretation of the viadia “Striag” in Bulgarian Kempo;

   "TRIZNA" /competitive fighting/ of Bulkempo. Fundamental strategy and tactics in the situation of different types of captures and punching techniques – review;

   SELF DEFENCE IN EXTREME SITUATION /including work with blank weapon and firearm/ – primary preparation in accordance to the principles and program of preparation concern the 3ed direction of Bulkempo;

   CHARACTERISTICS OF THE TECHNICAL IMPROVMENT of the techniques of the traditional Bulgarian weapon "GOAT’S HORN" and "JDRENIA" /shepherd’s stick/.